icy shoot!

Yesterday, I spent the day shooting for a new client, IceDesign of Norway. This company creates beautiful ice sculptures for big companies and museums.
Yesterday started at 8am, where we headed towards Eidsvoll to set up and photograph ice sculptures designed as the famous painting ‹‹Riksforsamlingen›› which is a painting of the Norwegian constitution being signed in 1814.


Later on we went to Lillehammer to scout at a park filled with an ice slide and other installments we were going to shoot later that night when it got dark. In the meantime we went to Hundefossen to shoot sculptures inside a ice cave. This cave is really a hotel where you can spend the night in about 2 degrees below zero. There's also a chapel there and it was said that it was almost fully booked for weddings this winter. This place was incredible! I can't wait for you to see the final photos!

I got home at 01:30am and I've never been so tired (and cold), I think.

Here's some behind the scene photos while we wait for the final result.
The photos will be published in about a week. There's a lot of photoshopping to do!